I have lived most of my life in West Elmira. As a teenager I worked in the park mowing grass and maintaining the ballfields. During college breaks I worked for the Highway Department maintaining the Town’s roads. After graduation I returned, bought a home in West Elmira, raised my family and opened my dental practice here. I know the people of West Elmira and the issues that concern them. I have been honored to represent our community on the County Legislature and hope to continue with your support.

Here are just a few of the issues I have worked for
that are helping our community.
— Legislator Neil Milliken

If you share Legislator Milliken's vision or have any issues of personal interest you'd like pursued, join the conversation today.




Supported infrastructure projects, including the Coleman Avenue drainage improvements and resurfacing scheduled for next year, also widening of Rt. 64 near Consumer Square

Outspoken supporter of Youth Program Coordinator and program through Elmira School District to support youths and families promoting diversity, respect and anti-bullying - at no cost to County

Supported local students access to educational opportunities at the Arnot Art Museum

Supported shared service agreements with City of Elmira to help reduce their fiscal stress

Supported operational changes to County Nursing Facility insuring it stays open and under County ownership

Conceived idea for Legislative Resolution #18-047 passed in support of Nursing Facility residents receiving a long needed increase in their personal needs allowance

Organized a presentation and ongoing reports for Legislators to learn about local scope of opioid problem and local efforts to combat it

Supported pursuing and accepting grant from NY Attorney General to equip County Sheriff's Deputies with naloxone kits to rescue overdose victims

Supported the formation of a local Land Bank as a tool to reduce the blighted properties in Chemung County

Supported the capital improvements to our aging Sewer Plant

Voted to extend assistance contracts with NY DEC to insure proper cleanup of former Brewer Oil brownfield site on Elmira's eastside and met personally with State officials to help expedite cleanup at Elmira High School site

Supported application for and acceptance of grant from Rural health Network to continue Chemung Valley Health program

Supportive of "piggybacking" on other counties bids to ensure Chemung County purchasing at lowest possible cost, also supported membership in Cooperative Purchasing Network for same

Supports access of local vendors to participate in County bids

Supportive of upgrades to 911/Emergency Management including new radio tower to improve critical communications between first responders

Supported introducing ride sharing services (Uber) to Chemung County

Supports Southern Tier Network's efforts to bring broadband coverage to entire County

Supported a discount prescription card for County residents to save money on their medications

Supported a fleet leasing program vs. vehicle purchasing for County DPW, saving tax dollars and insuring the use of safe, modern vehicles

Supported tax saving agreements between the Town of Elmira and the County Treasurer to performTown's accounting, payroll and bookkeeping duties

Supported hiring of Fraud Investigators at Department of Social Services which has been credited with saving millions of  dollars

Supported funding for Assisted Living for Seniors on behalf of DSS and County Office of Aging and Long Term Care

Supported local law to fund 911 emergency access to those using wireless phones same as landlines


If honored with re-election, these are some areas that will receive particular attention:

Continue to promote economic development creating jobs, which will also present opportunities for our young people to remain in the region

Maintain close working relationship with Town of Elmira officials to best represent Town at county level

Continue efforts to improve Legislature in its organization and communication, maintain high level of transparency and accessibility

Continue to encourage sharing services between County and municipalities to improve services while keeping tax rates steady

Leverage State monies to long-term and transformative advantage

Insure effective use of recent $1 million grant to help reduce poverty in City of Elmira

Utilize newly formed Land Bank and other tools to reduce blighted property and prevent their spread into Town of Elmira

Continue efforts to develop affordable rental units

Continue to capitalize on County designation as an "Age Friendly Community"seeking support for Senior residents